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1. In this video I am explaining the history of International working women's day and relevance of word 'working' in it. Focussing on the demands of women about a century ago, asking for less working hour, better working conditions, equal pay and right to vote. In this Video renowned historian Uma Chakravarti, activist Kavita Krishnann and Kamla Bhasin also share their view on this day and women's movement in today's time.

2. This video was done to explain to explain the struggle of LGBTQIA+ community to common people when Supreme court decriminalised Homosexuality. This explains terms like sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, choice and consent in grassroot language.

3. This video was done during Loksabha elections to understand Parliamentary left. It is ian interview with Loksabha candidate from Gaddar Communist party to understand worker's issue in Okhla region. RdLOLgKs-&index=11

4. This interview was done with Bezwada Vilson on various issues around Manual scavenging. What has been done from Government's side and how caste plays an impoortant role in this.

5. This video was done to know what women think about political participation. I interviewed many women in Delhi asking them what they think about less political participation and what they think about a solution.

6. In this video I interviewed delhi women on free metro and bus decision by Government. It was very evident that women coming from working class or lower middle clas were happy about the decision as they will be able to save 2000-3000 in a month while women coming from upper middle class were not happy about the decision because it would add to more crowd. They were ready to give this amount for comfortable journey. In second video I explained this in panel discussion in Hum bhi Bharat with Arfa Khanum Sherwani.

7. In this video I have done video on an article published in the wire analysing caste in bollywood movies. dM&list=PLzia1qLN9v2BgfH7kUISzrgDRdLOLgKs-&index=36

8. This is my print Archive