Faculty Profile


Dr. Lovitoli Jimo


Lovitoli Jimo is interested in the areas of marriage, consumption, commodities and materials culture among the Tribal’s of North East India. She has a Master’s degree and MPhil degree in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her MPhil dissertation is on Marriage Prestations and the gifts associated with different kinds of marriage, taking the practice of Dowry, Bridewealth and Ame (Practiced by the Sumi tribe of Nagaland) and the different issues and debate around this practice.

Past Experience

Editorial Assistant, Journal of Indian Anthropologist, 2008 till date


  • NET/ JRF in Sociology, June 2006 – July 2010
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship, July 2005 - 2006


  • 2008. ‘Marriage Prestations and Ame (Bridewealth) in the Sumi Naga Society’, Journal of Indian Anthropologist (2008) Vol. 38. No. 2. July–December 2008. Pp. 43-60
  • 2008. Book Review of Inato Yekheto Shikhu, ‘A Rediscovery and Rebuilding of Naga Cultural Values: An Analytical Approach with Special Reference to Maori as a Colonised and Minority Group of People in New Zealand’, Journal of Indian Anthropologist, Volume 38. No 1, January-June


  • 2010. ‘Doing Fieldwork in one’s own society: Insights on Marriage and Consumption practices among the Sumi Tribe of Nagaland’ National Seminar on Social Research on North East India: Issues and challenges. North East Study Programme (NEISP), JNU, New Delhi.
  • 2009. ‘Marriage Prestations and Ame (Bridewealth) in Sumi Naga Society’, Ph.D Research Scholar Seminar. CSSS/ SSS, JNU.
  • 2009. ‘Marriage Prestations, Ame (Bridewealth) and Women in Sumi Naga Society’, National Seminar on Women in Traditional Institutions and Worldviews. North East India Study Programme (NEISP), JNU; Centre for Manipur studies, MU; Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, MU held at Manipur University.
  • 2007. ‘Translation of section 3.1 (language) and summary of (National Curriculum Framework) NCF- 2005 in minor/tribal languages of Nagaland and Mizoram’, seminar organized by NCERT. NERIE, Shillong.