Faculty Profile


Dr. Rohit Negi


Ph.D. in Geography, The Ohio State University, USA, 2009

Master of Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, 2004


Past Experience

Assistant Professor, School of Human Ecology, AUD, 2010-2018

Visiting Lecturer, Global Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009-2010

My Zone / Area of Expertise


  • PI, ‘Urban Futures in the Indian Himalayas’, Ambedkar University Research Grant, INR 429,000. Ongoing.
  • Contributor, ‘The Asthma Files: 6+ Cities’, Coordinated by Prof Kim Fortun and Prof Mike Fortun, University of California-Irvine. Ongoing.
  • Co-PI, ‘Mapping Social-Ecological Vulnerability’, Indian Council of Social Science Research, 2014-2016, INR 2.2 Million. Completed.
  • Co-PI, ’Enhancing Quality, Access and Governance of Undergraduate Education in India (Project E-QUAL)’, European Union Grant 2014-2017, EURO 1.17 Million. Completed.

Selected Academic and Outreach Activities

  • Member, International Advisory Board, Antipode
  • Member, Steering Committee, Association of Asian Studies in Africa (A-Asia)
  • Co-organizer, Seminar on Critical Geographies of the Himalayan Region, Mohali, October 2016
  • Co-organizer, Summer School on Critical Geographies of South Asia, Palampur, June 2015
  • Organizer and Moderator, Disentangling Development: Politics, Environment and Social Change in Himachal as part of 'Marginal Ecologies: A Conference on Human Ecology', AUD
  • Co-organizer, International Conference of Global Studies, September 2013, New Delhi



  • Understanding the Urban
  • Urban Environment and Ecology
  • Transformations in Society and Space
  • Social and Political Ecology
  • Political Ecology of Air


  • Urban Environments
  • Introduction to Global Studies


  • Visiting Scholar Fellowship (postponed due to COVID-19), Seoul National University Asia Centre, March-August 2020
  • Visting Fellow, India China Institute, The New School University, New York, April 2018
  • Research Fellowship, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, The Netherlands, March-June 2014
  • Lakshmanan and Chaterjee Graduate Award, Department of Geography, Ohio State, 2009



  • Negi, R. and P. Srigyan (2021), Atmosphere of Collaboration: Air Pollution Science, Politics, and Ecopreneurship in Delhi. Routledge.
  • Chakravarty, S and R. Negi (2016) (Eds), Space, Planning and Everyday Contestations in Delhi, New Delhi: Springer.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • Negi, R. and P. Srigyan. (2021). ‘Peopling Technoscience: Locating the Sciences and Publics of Air Pollution in Delhi’. Dialogue: Science, Scientists and Society special issue on ‘The Technoscientific Consensus’.
  • R. Negi (2020), ‘Urban Air’, in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East special issue on “Concept Histories of the Urban”, 40(1): 17-23.
  • Negi, R, K. Thakur and S. Shoaib Ali (2017) ‘Contoured Urbanism: People, Property and Infrastructures in the Indian Himalayas’, Urbanisation, 1(2): 1-15.
  • Negi, R (2014) ''Solwezi Mabanga': Ambivalent Developments on Zambia's New Mining Frontier, Journal of Southern African Studies, 40(5): 999-1013.
  • Negi, R (2013) ''You cannot make a camel drink water': Capital, Geo-history and Contestations in the Zambian Copperbelt', Geoforum, 45C: 240-247.
  • Negi, R (2011) ‘The Micropolitics of Mining and Development in Zambia: Insights from the Northwestern Province’, African Studies Quarterly, 12 (2): 27-44.
  • Cox, Kevin R and R Negi (2010) ‘The State and the Question of Development in Sub-Saharan Africa’, Review of African Political Economy, 37(123): 71-85.
  • Negi, R (2008) ‘Beyond the “Chinese Scramble”: The Political Economy of anti-China Sentiment in Zambia’, African Geographical Review 27: 41-63.

Chapters in peer-reviewed books

  • Negi, R, and P. Srigyan (2021), ‘In the Time of Toxic Air: Environmental Contestations, Collaborations and Justice in Delhi’, in N. Kirmani (Ed.), Marginalisation, Contestations and Change in South Asian Cities. Oxford University Press.
  • Negi, R and P Taraporevala (2018) ‘Window to a South-South World: Ordinary Gentrification and African Migrants in Delhi’, in S. Cornelissen and Y. Mine (Eds), Afro-Asian Entanglements: Migration and Agency in a Globalizing World. Palgrave-Macmillan, 209-230.
  • Chakravarty, S and R Negi (2016) ‘Contested Urbanism in Delhi’s Interstitial Spaces’, in S. Chakravarty and R. Negi (eds.), Space, Planning and Everyday Contestations in Delhi. New Delhi: Springer, 1-17.
  • Negi, R (2011) ‘Mining Boom, Capital and Chiefs in the “New Copperbelt”’, in A. Fraser and M. Larmer (eds.), Zambia, Mining and Neoliberalism: Boom and Bust on the Globalized Copperbelt. New York: Palgrave-McMillan, 209-236.
  • Negi, R (2010) ‘Neoliberalism, Environmentalism and Urban Politics in Delhi’, In W. Ahmed, A. Kundu and R. Peet (eds.) New Economic Policy in India: A Critical Analysis. New York: Routledge, 179-198.

Selected Publications for a Popular Audience