Faculty Profile


Dr. R.K. Trivedi


  • Ph.D. fromCentre for Historical Studies under the faculty of Social Science, T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bihar.
  • M.Sc. (Chemistry.), M.A. (History& Heritage and Management), PGDiploma in Heritage Management, Certification in Disaster Management, and Certification in Archival Conservation from National Archive of India, Delhi.
  • LLB from Bhagalpur University, Bihar.

Past Experience

  • Teaching– Twenty years teaching to Post Graduate students of Masters in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management- Sept. 2002 to till date
  • Demonstration -Practical’s on, Conservation and Preservation of Organic , Inorganic and Composite materials artefacts of Cultural property in indoor Conservation Lab/ outdoor Monument survey and Documentation.
  • JRF in Documentation of Delhi’s Heritage,DIHRM,Delhi.2001-2002.
  • Lecturer in Chemistry, Sandhya Mahavidyalya, Sahibganj, Jharkhand. 1990-1998

My Zone / Area of Expertise

My research interests in the Conservation Preservation, and Restoration of Cultural property on traditional as well as scientific scale.

  • Archival Restoration - Technical Expert,
  • Chemical treatment of Cultural property


  • Selection as a core member at National Archive of India (N.A.I) for the framing of “Policy for Conservation of Archival Material”.2008
  • Consultant,-Archival Restoration of documents2003
  • Consultant, - Management and Restoration strategy of a large collection of Mr Fried Pinn (U.K) before Exhibition in Delhi, Teen Murthi, Oct. 2003.
  • Coordinator, “Study and Analysis of Built Heritage -Domakonda Fort”, Hyderabad2010


  • (Bihar) - Khuntnashi A Missing link in History, Vol. LXXIV-LXXV,1991
  • (Hindi)- “Harappa bashiSanthaliThei”, July, 1993, (Research Paper)
  • DIHRM (Rakshitra)- Restoration of fragile documentary Heritage (magazine vol. 1, issue –1, April 2004) (Research Paper)
  • DIHRM (Rakshitra)- Curative Conservation of Manuscripts (magazine vol. 1, issue –2, April 2004, (Research Paper).
  • “Conservation of Alagila Painting – A Case Study” Asian Regional Cooperation (2nd –4th December) 2008, Delhi., ARCC, 2008, (Research Paper)
  • “Restoration and Preservation of Birch Bark Manuscript – A case study”, National Archive of India, (NAI), Lucknow, 2009. (Research Paper)
  • Storage of Manuscript – Preventive Conservation Methods for Storage of Artefacts- case study with special reference of VRI, 2004. (Research Paper)
  • “Vikramshila – JewanntVirasat” ( Hindi), 2011.
  • A technical study of Wall painting of Ramgarh(Rajasthan),2011
  • “Technical upgradation of Museum Storage”, NMAI, Patna, Dec. 2012 (ISSN No. 0970-9894).
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  • “A Study on Preservation and Conservation Practices of Land Acquisition Records of South West District, New Delhi”. March 2019, Journal of Indian Museums. (ISSN No. 0970-9894)

Invited Lectures

  • AIR (Bhagalpur)-“BoltaItihas, VikramshilakeKhandhar”, 27th Feb. 1993.
  • VRI (Vrindavan)- Conservation of Manuscript-Paper, and Palm leaf ,2003
  • “Hindi sahityaaurVikramshila”Golden jubilee celebrationofP.G, Dept. of Hindi Bhagalpur University2008
  • Deterioration caused by Environment, chemical and physical factors and measures to counteract them. NAI, Delhi, 2009.
  • Physical and Chemical properties of paper-Permanence & durability of paper, accelerated ageing and its utility in documentary Conservation, NAI, Delhi,2010.
  • “Metallurgy in Indian tradition”DharoharVyakhyanMala,BhartiyMazdurSangh, DeendayalMarg, ITO, Delhi, June2016
  • Conservation of manuscript - Curative Conservation on Manuscripts Web lecture organizing by VRI, Vrindavan,28th August,2020
  • ‘Evolving Strategies of Conserving Cultural Heritage of Udaipur’ RUSA-MHRD 2.0 project of Department of History, MohanlalSukhadia University, Udaipur,March2021
  • “Cultural Heritage and Tourism: Revitalisation and building resilience amid the second wave of Covid -19”, Jointly Organised by National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, and INTACH,April 2021(training.nidm.gov.in)
  • ‘Resource Person’ for the Training Program on Capacity building and resilience for Cultural Heritage disaster risk, Jointly Organised by National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, Sept.2021

Seminar / Conferences

International Seminar

  • International Seminar and Workshop on Reorganizing of Storage October – 2004, ICCROM with NRLC, BHU Varanashi,
  • International workshop on Asian Regional Cooperation conference December 2008, Delhi.
  • International Conference on “Rock Art Heritage” IGNCA, New Delhi,2012
  • International Conference on reorganizing of Storage of Museum, April 2013
  • International Seminar on “MahabharatManthan- a critical revisit to the Tangible and Intangible Heritage” , IGANCA, New Delhi, by Draupdi Trust, Sept. 2017

National Seminar

  • Indian Museum and Material Integration, Delhi, July 2006.
  • Participated in the National Seminar on “Contribution on Nalanda to World Culture”, New Delhi-2005
  • “Hazards faced by records in Tropical climate and remarks”, National Archive of India (NAI)Lucknow 2007.
  • “Conservation and Management of VikramshilaMonastery”, Vikramshila Mahotsava,2008
  • “Conservation of Illustrated Manuscript”, NationalMuseum, NewDelhi, March 2010.
  • “Study and Inspection of Monuments of Ramgarh fort (Rajasthan),Feb,2011.
  • “Technical up gradation of Museum, National Museum Association of India, Patna (Bihar),Dec,2012
  • National conference on “Museum Security, IGNCA, New Delhi, Feb, 2013.
  • “Sacred space as a living History Museum” Museums Association of India, Jan2017. Ahmedabad, Gujarat .
  • National conference on “Environment and Cultural Property” Nov. IASC, Delhi 2016.

Workshop conducted (NRLC ,Lucknow and VRI, Vrindavan ) including

  • Conservation of Paper manuscripts, DIHRM, Conservation Lab. Dec. 2003.
  • Conservation of Birch bark manuscripts, DIHRM, Nov. 2003
  • Restoration of incised palm leaf of south India, DIHRM, Nov. 2003.
  • Heritage Management and Restoration strategy of a large collection of Mr. Fried Pinn (U.K) before exhibition in Delhi, Teen Murthi, Oct. 2003.
  • Restoration of Scroll Painting, Teen MurtiBhawan, Oct. 2003
  • Documentation and Restoration of Land Acquisition, Records of Delhi District ,South West,Govt of NCT,Delhi.2018
  • Preventive Conservation of Land Acquisitions Records of Delhi ,South Delhi, Govt. of NCT 2019