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Dr. Rajan Krishnan


Rajan Krishnan aka Rajan Kurai Krishnan was awarded with PhD degree in Anthropology by Columbia University, New York in 2009 for his thesis on Tamil Cinema titled “Cultures of Indices: Anthropology of Tamil and Other Cinemas”. He also earned a certificate from Institute of Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University. Before pursuing his doctoral degree he had participated for two decades in a range of cultural activity in Tamil Nadu including film society movement, theatre and literary criticism. He had also been part of institutionally funded research projects on cinema and masculinity. Apart from academic writing, he regularly publishes, in Tamil, articles on political theory, philosophy, global affairs, climate change and film theory. Since the publication of his research paper in Tamil on Periyar E.V.Ramasamy in 1993, he continues to have a keen research interest in theories of caste. In the period 2009-12, he was a post doctoral research associate in a multi sited project titled “Caste out of Development” in which he studied Christian Dalit situations.



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  • Tamil  (Select list of publications; with translated titles)


  • Jan  2010  Muthaleettiyamum Manuda Azhivum (Capitalism and Human Extinction), Pulam, Chennai.
  • Jan  2012  Kathanayakanin Maranam (Death of the Hero), Kayal Kavin Pathippagam, Chennai.


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