Faculty Profile


Dr. Pooja Satyogi


PhD in Cultural Anthropology (Johns Hopkins University); M. Phil in Political Science (Jawaharlal Nehru University); MA Political Science (Jawaharlal Nehru University); BA Honours Political Science (Delhi University)

Past Experience

Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi (September 2003-July 2017)

My Zone / Area of Expertise

Pooja Satyogi joined Ambedkar University in July 2017. Between 2003-2017, she taught Political Science at the Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. Her interdisciplinary doctoral work spans across the fields of cultural anthropology, policing, criminology and urban studies of governance. Her work examines the relationship between the law and the police in the Special Protection Unit for Women and Children (Unit/Cell), Delhi. More specifically, she is interested in an exploration of how law and the police co-constitute each other. In her future research project she would like to explore the interconnections between the pedagogy of police training, policing as a labour question and policing practices in the city of Delhi. She is currently working on her book manuscript titled Intimate Public Spaces: Policing “Domestic Cruelty” in Women’s Cells, Delhi.


School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, Ambedkar University Delhi

(On Child Care Leave January-April 2020)

  • Research Methodology (M. A.): Monsoon 2019; Monsoon 2018
  • Theorising the Indian State (M. A): Winter 2019
  • Rights Based Political Movements in Contemporary India (B. A): Winter 2019
  • Introduction to Sociology (B. A.): Winter 2018

Department of Political Science, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University

  • Political Processes in India: Winter 2017
  • Modern Political Philosophy: Winter 2017; Winter 2016
  • Classical Political Philosophy: Monsoon 2016 (Two cohorts)
  • Citizenship in a Globalising World: Winter 2016

(On Maternity Leave: July 2014-January 2015

(On Child Care Leave: February-December 2015)

  • Modern Political Philosophy: Winter 2014
  • Development Processes and Social Movements in Contemporary India: Winter 2014
  • Western Political Thought (Annual Course): 2013-14; 2012-13; 2011-12
  • Citizenship in a Globalising World (Annual course): 2013
  • Indian Government and Politics (Annual Course): 2012-13
  • Political Theory (BA Programme): Monsoon 2011

Indian Government and Democratic Polity (Journalism Honours): Winter 2011

(On Study Leave for Ph.D: July 2007-July 2011)

  • Political Theory and Thought (Annual Course, B.A. Programme): 2006-07
  • Citizenship in a Globalising World (Annual): 2006-07
  • Comparative Government and Politics (Annual Course): 2005-06
  • Political Theory and Thought (Annual Course, B. A. Programme): 2005-06
  • Comparative Government and Politics (Annual Course): 2004-05
  • Political Theory and Thought (Annual Course, B.A. Programme): 2004-05
  • International Politics and Global Relations (Annual): 2003-04
  • Political Theory and Thought (Annual Course, B.A. Programme): 2003-04



Service to School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, AUD


  • Member, Board of Studies, School of Law, Governance and Citizenship
  • Member, BA in Law and Politics Committee
  • Convener, Student Welfare Fund
  • Convenor, Scholarships Committee
  • Member, Internship committee
  • Programme Coordinator, BA in Law and Politics

Service to Ambedkar University Delhi


  • Member, Food and Canteen Committee, Karampura Campus
  • Member, EC, Ambedkar University Faculty Association
  • Observer, Recruitment of Deputy Registrars
  • Core Member, Standing Committee for Grievances of Non-Permanent non-teaching employees
  • Member, Roster Committee for Teaching and Non-teaching positions
  • Liasion Officer AUD
  • Member, Hostel Committee, Karampura campus
  • Member, Proctorial Committee, Karampura Campus
  • Member, Tender Committee for Sanitation Services


  • 2010-11: International Scholar, American Association of University Women.
  • 2008: Fellow,Women, Gender and Sexuality research grant, Johns Hopkins University.
  • 2008: Fellow, Institute of Global Studies, Johns Hopkins University.
  • 2008: Research Grant, Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University.



Book Project Intimate Public Spaces: Policing “Domestic Cruelty” in Women’s Cells, Delhi

Peer Reviewed Articles (UGC-CARE List)

2019 “Law, police and ‘domestic cruelty’: Assembling written complaints from oral narratives.” Contributions to Indian Sociology 53, no. 1 (2019): 46-71.https://doi.org/10.1177/0069966718812522

Book Chapters

(2020) “Domestic Violence”. In Sunalini Kumar (ed.), Engendering/Ungendering: Women, Power and Politics in India. Delhi: Orient Blackswan

2020 “Law in Social Sciences: Interdisciplinarity and Questions of Social Justice”. In Shilpa Khatri Babbar and Rachna Chaudhary (eds.) Legal Education and Social Sciences, Macmillan Education:159-73

Newspaper Articles

2020 “How apps undermine the security of women”

Deccan Herald , 9th February https://www.deccanchronicle.com/opinion/columnists/090220/how-apps-undermine-the-security-of-women.html

Note: The titles to columns are given by the editorial team

Book Reviews

  • (Forthcoming) David d. Cole, Federico Fabbrini and Stephen Schulhofer (eds.). Surveillance, Privacy and Trans-Atlantic Relations. Oxford and Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing (2017). Human Rights Review
  • (Forthcoming) Arghya Sengupta and Ritwika Sharma (eds.). Appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court of India: Transparency, Accountability and Independence. Oxford University Press (2018). https://newbooks.asia
  • (Forthcoming) Rama Srinivisan. Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in North India. Rutgers University Press (2020). H-Net Reviews (Socialisms)
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Seminar / Conferences


Invited Talks and Discussions

  • 2020 Discussant. “Academic and Research Perspectives on Policing” Second Top Cop Conference on Building Police as a Knowledge Based Organisation, Indiana University Gateway, 1stFebruary
  • 2020 Chair and Discussant, “Gendered Citizenship and Intersectionality” Panel on Identities and Citizenship, The XVI Conference on Women’s Studies, 30th January, National Law School, Delhi
  • 2019 Research Methods Workshop University Grants Commission-Human Resource Development Centre Workshop for Doctoral Students, 27th March, Punjab University
  • 2018 “Accountability, Suspicion and Home-Spun Date: A Strathernian Reading of Relations in Delhi Police” Hate Crimes Clinic, 25th October, OP Jindal Global University
  • 2018 Plenary Session, “Beyond Disciplines and Outside the Academy” Faculty Development Workshop, 30-31 July, Jindal Global Law School
  • 2018 Discussant, “Faculty Seminar and Faculty Presentation event on Anushka Singh’s book, Sedition in Liberal Democracies” Ambedkar University Delhi, 23rd March
  • 2018 “Law, Police and “Domestic Cruelty”: Rematerializing Written Complaints from Oral Narratives” Indian Law Institute, Delhi, March 9

International Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars

2020 “Processes of Accountability in the Police: personalized responsibility and the muddied distinction between service and vocation.” Politicized Bureaucrats in and Beyond Europe: Conflicting loyalties, professionalism and law in the making of public services, EASA, 21-24th July, Lisbon, Portugal (paper accepted)

2019 “Accommodating violence within processes of accountability: The story of a show-cause notice.” State, Policing and Violence in India, July 19-20, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

2019 “Police Work and Secular ‘Religious’ Law: Manoeuvring the Semantics of Dowry and Women’s Property in the Special Protection Units, Delhi.” Conference on Critical Intervention: Mapping emerging Scholarship on South Asia, April 9-10, 13thHumanities and Social Sciences Conference, LUMS, Lahore (Remote Presentation)

2019: ‘“Let them tell a story they can call their own”: MA Dissertations and the question of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies” Production and Circulation of knowledge on Gender in the Global South, 28th February- 1st March, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris

2019: “Sounding law, Listening Regimes and Policing: Arbitrating “Domestic Cruelty” in Special Protection Unite, Delhi Police’ International Workshop on Tracing the Agency of Sound, 8-9 February, University of Bern, Switzerland

2018 “‘Whether I take psychotropic drugs or marijuana, the effect is the same”: Ethics of following up with an informant and imagining the reach of law after a case closure”

Workshop, Tracking the politics of culture: Ethnography and Political Life, 5th December, South Asian University and University of Chicago Collaboration, Delhi

2018 “‘Domestic Cruelty’ and the Criminal law against violence: Navigating the Semantics of Dowry and Women’s Property in the Special Police Units, Delhi” Elimination of Violence against Women Digital Conference, November (online conference), Middlesex University Mauritius.

2018 “Fixing Name and Blame: A Case for a Heightened Individuation Responsibility in Delhi Police” Yale Modern South Asia Workshop, Ashoka University, 9th-10th July

2018 “Fixing Name and Blame: A Case for a Heightened Individuation of Responsibility in Delhi Police” International Conference on Policing in South Asia: Dilemmas of Governance and the Making of Participatory Communities, January 6, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 6th January.

2016 “‘Of course, he used my love for money also; I used to regularly withdraw money from the ATM for him, but my receipts don’t show that truth and my love for him’: Emotional Scripts of Betrayal, Evidentiary Protocols and the Fate of Love Itself”

LASSNET Conference, 10-12 December, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

2010 “Policing Social Order: Women Police in Delhi’s Women’s Cells” American Association of University Women, Washington DC

2009 Policing Women: Police Women and the State of Delhi, Program of Women, gender and Sexuality, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

2009 “Defining ‘Domestic Cruelty’ in Women’s Cells, Delhi, Institute of Global Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


National Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars

2019 “Twinning of Vulnerability: Teaching research methodology in law and social science” Classroom Affairs: a Symposium on Writing Pedagogies, November 9-10, O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat, Haryana

2018 “‘For my assignment, imagine that you asked me to cook lentils; I have cooked rice instead, but the rice is delicious’: Receiving Writing, the Ethics of Assessment and Meanings of Education” Reflections on Writing, Ashoka University, 27th-28th April

2018 “Evacuating Theory from the Study of Indian Politics: Teaching the Political as a Trend under the Choice Based Semester System in Delhi University” Conference on Liberal Education and the Future of Humanities and Social Science in Azim Premji University, 6th-8thApril.

2018 “Intimate Secrets of Love and the Disclosed Narratives of Experience: Evidentiary Protocols in the Composition of Criminal Cases of ‘Domestic Cruelty’” International Conference, Examining the “New” in Kinship and Family in South Asia, IIT Hyderabad, 1st-2nd February