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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSummer Internship4

Semester and Year Offered: 3rd Semester, 2nd year

Course Coordinator and Team: Bindu K.c.

Email of course coordinator: bindukc[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in


Course Objectives/Description:

In Internship, each student completes 30 days of their work and engagement with institutions and organizations of their broad area of interest. It is an endeavour to provide an opportunity to our students to gain learning and practical experience from a wide variety of organizations and individuals, including NGOs, research institutions, consultancy organizations, activist groups, public sector organizations and government agencies.

The course is an effort towards fulfilling AUD's vision to build partnerships with the world of practice as an essential pillar of learning about gender, power, state and society. The faculty who is the internship co-ordinator, is closely involved with the students and the partner organizations in designing the exact nature of each specific partnership and internship arrangement. This enables the host institutions to build partnerships with the faculty and students in ways that suit their own long term vision and immediate requirements. Some institutions may wish to invest in young minds wanting to explore their inner selves as well as social reality, while others may want a specific output delivered. All these requirements are met through our internship programme depending on the kind of association the host organization intends.

Our focus is also to help students acquire skills that would enhance their employability as well-trained, thinking, aware, socially conscious and sensitive citizens in the profession they choose eventually.

Course Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Clearly write a CV and Cover letters
  2. Apply for jobs
  3. Have a month of experience working in a an organisation
  4. Critically evaluate their working situation
  5. Translate theory into a practice based situation

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

Since the course is based on practice based model we cannot give modules. But, we can present our work in the following ways:

Module 1

CV writing and Cover letter

The students will be able to make a CV and write an intelligent cover letter to apply for internships.

Module 2

Practice based Internship with specific organisation for 30 days

Module 3

Daily log and Daily diary – recording of their daily activities in the form of a log and diary

Module 4

Writing an analytical report

Assessment Details with weights:

The assessment pattern adopted is in keeping with both the University’s philosophy of continuous assessment and the specific teaching and learning strategies practised in Gender Studies. With the aim of assessing and enhancing the students’ abilities to individually and collectively produce, interpret and challenge knowledge and knowledge systems from a gender aware lens, and to articulate and critically reflect on these both verbally and in writing, a range of assessment situations were created. These include a daily log, a daily diary and an analytical report along with the external supervisor’s report and grading.

Reading List: