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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSHS3039412

Semester and Year Offered: throughout 3 years

Course Coordinator and Team: Neetu Sarin & Shefali Singh

Email of course coordinator:;

Pre-requisites: N/A

Aim: to introduce students to various other schools of thoughts and practices in psychotherapy

Course Outcomes:

  1. to prepare students to work cohesively with patients while registering their various needs
  2. to prepare students to imagine other clinical sites for their patients
  3. to prepare students to work with a diversified population of patients

Brief description of Modules/ Main Modules:

Special lectures series have been designed especially for students to introduce them to materials that is not inclusive in their course and to introduce them to various specialized areas with the help of experts. Some of the themes of the lectures imagined include introduction to psychiatry, how to differentiate between organic states, use of medication- when and how, care for the elderly and those with terminal illness, how to differentiate between an organic disorder, clinical states, role of medication, how to apply CBT, how to work with LGBTQ population in clinics, etc. Through the medium of these lectures, students also get to work with mentors in crisis intervention model, learns to do brief supportive-insight based therapy and various other modes of psychotherapy.

Assessment Details with weights:

  • This is a non-assessment based component of the program in which students will be awarded 2 credits in the 6th semester for their presence throughout.

Reading List:

  • There is no pre-existing reading list. The readings are suggested by the speakers and faculty based on the topic of the lecture which are then distributed to the students.