Centre for Research Methods

Centre for Research Methods

    Centre for Research Methods (CRM)

    ‘Research methodology’, is a vast canvas stretched along many dimensions by the constituent academic disciplines, their respective practice and underpinning theoretical systems. Meaning, nature and relevance of ‘research’ and ‘research methodology’ get problematized and understood differently across and within different academic fields ranging from social sciences, humanities to creative disciplines such as design and performing arts, and natural sciences. Endowed with a range of schools, centre, programs and forums, Ambedkar University Delhi, has both the need and competence to reconcile with such a broad understanding of research methodology and to reflect on challenges faced by academic disciplines and practice fields.

    As a recently formed University, with a mandate to do research and teaching in the social sciences, the humanities, and in performance and practice based disciplines, Centre for Social Science Research Methods was set up in 2010-11, which was later renamed as Centre for Research Methods.


    What we do

    The Centre periodically organises, short courses, workshops, seminars, talks and discussions on various themes related to research methodology including philosophical moorings of research in social sciences, humanities and creative fields; relevant theoretical perspectives, research methods and analysis, for students, researchers of  University and others.

    The Centre works with faculty members in other Schools on teaching programmes on Research methodology in curriculum design and teaching.

    The faculty members associated with the Centre, in their personal capacity offer research methodology related courses in teaching programs in the University

    The Centre takes up research in the study and application of research methods.

    CRM provides consultancy services for designing and implementing small and large research studies.

    The Centre aims to works with non-profit non-governmental civil society organisations to create platforms for mutual learning and building capacities on practise based research on themes of current social relevance.


    Faculty members of the Centre