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SHS is an exploratory, interdisciplinary space of thinking and reflecting on the myriad meanings of being human. Its academic programmes focus on the promise and potential of the human along with the actual historical exclusions and marginalisations.

School has brought together feminist scholars, psychologists, psychotherapists, political scientists, social anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers and cultural theorists. Out of its seven interdisciplinary programmes, the two at the Master’s level are MA in Gender Studies and MA in Psychology (Psychosocial Clinical Studies) both drawing strongly from intellectual sources as well as engaging with the real life ‘situatedness’ of a variety of subjectivities around us. The MA programmes are unique in their attempt to bring the world of practice/work with the world of theory . The programmes have provisions within the course structure for an internship engagement through which the students familiarize themselves with the practices, initiatives and challenges in the world of work This is accompanied by the requirement to write a research dissertation, that provides an opportunity to the students to generate knowledge from their unique locations.